Q&A - Interior Deco Solutions

I have been asking you to tell me what your decorating dilemas are.  Here's what a few of you had to say so far:

Problem: I rent a house and can't redecorate but still want it to reflect my personality.
Solution: Often rented properties have a very bland deco.  You can add your personal touch with a splash of colour and your own mix of cushions, throws and sometimes even curtains and blinds - These are all items that can be taken with you when you move again.  Ready-made soft furnishings are available in many colours and styles and you are bound to find something that echos your personality.  High street shops such as Dunelm Mill (see image below) and Matalan offer great choice at great prices. 

Problem: My floor-to-ceiling windows are great in the spring an summer for letting light flood our home but it does get cold duing the rest of the year.  How do i keep the light coming in and cold out?
Solution: We are all fans of opening our home during the warmer months, letting the light in, taking in the full benefit of the sun!  If that is the case with you, your best option is full-length, curtains.  Have you considered light curtains in the summer/spring and lined and interlined curtains for the cooler months? To minimise the volume of fabric and keep the 'light and airy' feel of the room choose less fussy heading styles such as eyelets or rivetting.  I am a personal fan of the 'Wave' tape often refered to as 'Surf' tape.

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