Thursday, 16 June 2011

How to Dress Bay Windows - Part 3

Full Length Curtains:
There is nothing quite like a full-length pair of curtains. They look elegant, give visual height and even bring warmth to a room.

In their most basic form, curtains are gathered or made of pleated panels of fabric hanging from tracks or poles for privacy as well as insulation against noise and draught.

Give it a little more thought and what you will have is an opportunity to bring texture and pattern into a room. At night, curtains will make the room feel cosier and inviting.

We tend to think of curtains in pairs, but in the case of bay windows, you can make the most of its shape by hanging 4 curtains to create a sophisticated focal point and dress this otherwise awkward space.

Lots of factors need to be considered to make sure you get the best looking curtains for your bay. If the windows are large and sunny, choose a ‘Light Resistant’ lining as it will help your fabric last better and retain the colour for longer. Cooler rooms might benefit from a substantial interlining, as this will act as an insulating barrier.

To add a little ‘wow’ factor and drama try using either vertical or horizontal borders. For a softer approach you can use a leading edge in a suitable trimming – there are some great trimmings on the market i.e. bobbles, beadings even feathers!

For a more formal look you can hang the tie backs high up, of course, allowing the curtains to be drawn in a more swag like style.

The most important thing, however, is to embrace the shape of your bay window, celebrate its beauty and love the home you live in.

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