Monday, 7 May 2012

Adding a smart nautical touch to your interior design scheme

The summer nearly is here and we all want to bring that nautical feeling into our homes, but how do we make it work?  You can get started by mixing blues and white stripes with wicker baskets, warm brass and distressed leather for a shipshape space.  You could try some of these ideas...

IDEA 1: Hang a vertically striped Roman Blind against white or off white walls.  This will accentuate the height of the ceiling and contrast with the walls and woodwork.  Choose a fabric that has muted tones of blues and creams.  This will give you a more nautical feeling rather than a deckchair style.  I rather like Clarke & Clarke's Maritime collection, like this one...

Clarke & Clarke Maritime

IDEA 2: Add a statement floor lamp in the corner for target lightling.  With its tripod base, this striking tripod floor lamp resembles a telescope, making it perfect for a seaside-style.  These are often found in charity shops!  Go on, try bargain hunting for something similar!

IDEA 3:  Finally, how about putting together a personal display of your own by grouping prints, paintings and photos in a collection of mismatched frames?  This can be easily done instead of wallpapering to create a feature wall above the chest of drawers or fireplace making it a unique and personal display. 

Like what you see and what to buy the look?  I recommend you try these:

I hope you have found this article helpful and would love to hear from you!

Paula Trovalusci,

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